This week's epiphanies

Okay, so epiphany might be a bit dramatic, but these still count as fairly significant realizations in my book:

1. Red cabbage is incredibly versatile. I've been eating it in everything: stir fry, tuna salad, breakfast tacos (more on those below). This is a surprise to me, since I usually struggle to use up a new-to-me veggie before it spoils. It is really good quick-pickled: chop the red cabbage, drizzle apple cider vinegar over top, wait five minutes, then add to (nearly) everything for tangy crunch. Plus, I can't get over that beautiful purple color.

2. Breakfast tacos are a good choice for every meal of the day.

3. Trader Joe's tulip bouquets are worth every penny of that $4.99. Take care of them and they'll look beautiful for a week.

4. Aside from acts of service and quality time, tidy cable management is my husband's love language. We do not have messy cords in our home.

5. Double (coffee, knitting, coding) dates are fun, and planning activities for weeknights is the best way to keep a good attitude about the work week. When we open our minds and schedules for weeknight fun, there is way more time for fun each week.

6. The hand-carved wooden scoop my mom gave me for Christmas is not only beautiful, but two scant scoops is the perfect amount of coffee beans needed to make a French press.

7. We really live in Texas*, and we really can get away with wearing sandals and having the windows open in February. *Why is this such a difficult concept for us? Sometimes we still have to stop and think, oh right, we live in Texas.

8. Knitting garter stitch in the round is so slow for me, but I'm 1.25 sleeves closer to having a sweater! And I can't wait to start knitting the body of the sweater.

9. These days, I'm loving slim-legged pants > skinny pants. They still look sleek and proportionate when paired with tunics and long tops, and they're more comfortable. My favorite pair I found recently is The Reid jean from J. Crew (I just got a black pair for a really good sale price).

10. My mom sends me really good quotes from books she's currently reading. I already knew this, but I especially loved this from John Piper's Future Grace:

Every sinner who comes to God in Christ, with all his needs, finds God coming to him in Christ, with all His promises.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the weekend!


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