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The here and now (on a Friday)

On this Friday, I am...

  • wearing layers(!) and a ponytail because I can't decide if I like my new haircut (I think yes? It's not too different really, but we're still getting acquainted with one other)
  • making these muffins (but with chocolate chips...I'll make them this way until I can convince Nicholas to fall in love with blueberries)
  • hard-boiling eggs
  • cleaning the kitchen/tidying up the apartment
  • knitting a little on my Hitchhiker Shawl
  • renewing library books
  • browsing through this cookbook
  • bracing myself for what the local weather is referring to as a "cold front" this weekend (but really, we're expecting the temperature to dip down briefly into the 70's and 80's ;)
  • re-discovering how much I love the work of La Blogothèque: the informality, the intimacy, glimpses of the process behind a musical performance, all of it. A few favorites are this one (Local Natives) and this one (Sufjan Stevens), but their entire YouTube channel is definitely worth exploring.
  • making lists and assembling camping supplies, because...

We leave this evening for what we're referring to as a "belated anniversary/first camping trip in Texas!" I've been antsy for some quality outdoor time + a little getaway with Nicholas.

P.S.—I am (possibly...err...definitely) way too excited to break out my headlamp again. A few years back, I got a lot of use out of it in my dorm room...just ask my college roommates and their loving mockery of my headlamp use in my lofted bed ;)

P.P.S.—You may notice that the overall appearance of my blog changes fairly often (it just did!), all thanks to my web-developer husband who built it and enjoys updating it.


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