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The five senses of August

Seeing – big ombre hydrangea blooms, Nicholas sanding his former desk out in the yard, Finn climbing into every basket and onto every surface in the house.

Smelling – fresh air from a heavy summer rain, smoke from our first fires in the backyard fire pit, granola hot from the oven

Tasting – cardamom knots for fika, grilled burgers and steaks, hot americanos from our local coffee shop

Feeling – new tie-dye unwrapped, sweaty curls on a sleeping Finn, bread dough stretched, folded, and shaped, freshly cut grass stuck to barefeet, the softness of a just-washed quilt made by my mom

Hearing – giggles and squeals as the boys play with friends or the hose or toy cars or some combination of these, the click of magnetic tiles being built by Cooper into houses and tunnels and robots, the This Side album by Nickel Creek


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