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The edge of the season + Cooper at 2 months

The air feels a little bit different this week. It's still very much summer, but there are subtle indications that we are on the cusp of fall. A few golden and bright red leaves, here and there, a cooler morning and breezes that are not quite as sticky. What is it about the closing, the ending of something drawing near that makes me want to cling tighter?

Even the scent of this season is heavy with nostalgia for me: fresh and crisp and reminiscent of summer camp in Northern MN and the Boundary Waters and state park campgrounds from my childhood. I want to linger in this, savor it, hold it a bit longer.

How can we savor things, and also let them pass, as they must, when the time is right? I started out by writing that about the seasons, but it applies to our time with our little boy too. How can I savor every moment and yet greet each new stage with joy as well, knowing that life is meant to transition from season to season?

Cooper turned two months this week, and it's hard for me to believe that we've already held and snuggled and gotten acquainted with this little boy for two months. At two months, Cooper is:

  • Gaining weight and getting longer! He is wearing some newborn clothes, some 0-3 month clothes, and some smaller 3 month clothes. He needs a little extra length to accommodate those fluffy cloth diapers ;)
  • More and more alert every day.
  • So smiley! Especially in the mornings, and when he's getting a new outfit or new diaper
  • Loving music, but he smiles extra big when mommy sings along with the music to him
  • Practicing head control and tummy time and seems to be really strong
  • Desperately trying to suck either thumb, and he's getting close!
  • sleeping in his crib for 1-2 naps a day, in the carseat for one (usually on our walk) and on mama for one
  • Loving the wrap, especially on errands to Costco, Meijer, etc.
  • Still liking the carseat. He usually falls asleep, but sometimes, he just sits contentedly and looks out/at the window
  • Cooing and squeaking and making more sounds all the time
  • Enjoying sitting in the BabyBjorn bouncer while mama eats most meals on the rug, next to him
  • Sleeping for stretches of 5-8 hours at night, most nights. Usually wakes 1-2 times at night. We are well aware that he is a super good sleeper for how little he is!
  • Still reaching for daddy's beard and opening and closing his fingers to try to feel textures
  • Finding crinkly plastic really funny (he smiles so big!)
  • blonde and blue-eyed and his baby acne has cleared up
  • sleeping the best in hooded pajamas

I think the key is to take a deep breath, notice the beauty of the current moment, give thanks, and face whatever is next with expectation and anticipation.

A sweet friend from high school (who is also a mama) recently shared this:

If you and your child(ren) enjoy it, but they are too young to remember, do it anyway. The memories you make are sweet and they know you're enjoying the time with them, especially as they get older.

I want to keep taking my son on walks and to the beach and out to see a pretty sunset, even if he won't remember it (I will). I want to help him see the tiny, beautiful things as he grows and surprises us each day. He is our joy.


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