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The blog turns three!

I'm in the midst of a stretch of shifts at the hospital, but I wanted to pop in to say, "Happy Birthday, blog!" or something equally cheesy. However, with utmost sincerity, I want to thank you, the people who keep coming back to read about our little life. The blog has been one of the the most consistent things in my life these last three years, 240+ posts later. And I've felt continually encouraged and challenged to process my life in a way that is maybe, sometimes, possibly meaningful to you. So thank you for reading. Even when it's my tired, ditzy work brain scrambling to say something meaningful, even if I can't convey my thanks eloquently, thank you.

Now if you'll excuse me, breakfast for dinner, a cup of tea, and our comfy bed are calling my name.

Lots of love from Texas,


P.S. — The sky was too pretty this evening not to share with you.


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