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Spring thoughts

Everything around us is waking up, and I'm loving it. We fit in a little coffee and farmer's market date last Saturday morning (psst—see the shorts and sandals?! Truth be told it was a bit cold for how we were dressed, but we decided it was worth it for our morale). The market offered just the beginnings of spring produce—lettuce and spinach, mostly, but we did find some local eggs for a great price.

A few other spring(y) things:

  • I can't stop listening to Nickel Creek , arguably my favorite band in high school, they're back with a new album and a tour after a seven year hiatus. My renewed love (well, I never stopped loving them) has a tiny bit to do with nostalgia and a lot to do with the really great music they make.
  • Lilacs are blooming all over the place! We have a bunch in a vase and the whole apartment smells wonderful.
  • I redid my bulletin board for spring—more color and some wedding photos, just for fun. Even a minor update freshened up our office/project room.
  • I'm knitting a new market bag using up leftover bits of cotton yarn—I'm loving how it's turning out, and it should be ready just in time for full-swing farmer's market season.

I hope you're enjoying all the little signs of spring :)


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