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Slightly sassy v sweater, finished

Happy new year! I typically find that one week between Christmas and new years is not enough time for me to truly reflect and think back on the year past. So while January first may be a grand start for some, I will spend much of this month considering the last year, what it looked like for me as a person, and for our family, and thanking God for how He loves us and how He moves. And I will aim to rest and cozy up and start the calendar year gently. I find this is what comes most naturally to me in the quieter winter months, a desire to be home.

In that vein of reflecting back on the last year, I wanted to share a sweater that I knit over the course of a few months last fall. I finished the final detail, the neckline, about two weeks before we moved, and then finally blocked it in the new house after we moved.

And despite me dragging my feet in the finishing of it, I love this sweater. It is my first adult-sized fingering weight sweater and wow, an adult sweater at this tiny gauge is not for the faint of heart. It was a ton of knitting. I actually haven't worn it that much just yet, since it is a thinner fabric and the neckline is a bit more open when we've temperatures where I want more warmth around my neck. But I anticipate that it will be a wonderful three-season sweater.


For all the details, see my Ravelry project page.

  • Yarn: Berroco Remix Light. Although technically classified as a DK-weight, I can't imagine how, since it's 432 yards per 100 grams and very lightweight. I did enjoy knitting with it, due to the silk (I think), the yarn was somewhat grippy, but I liked that. It's very soft, and I love the fabric it makes. I purchased it during my (former) local yarn store's closing sale.
  • Pattern: Slightly Sassy V by Aimee Sher. What an excellent pattern! My first time doing a compound raglan, and while there were so many things to keep track of at once (lots of "At the same time..." directions), she includes a really helpful worksheet. And the fit is really good. I would highly recommend it.
  • Size: C (finished bust measurement of 41.25 inches on the sweater). I did choose one size up from what was recommended in the pattern, since I wanted slightly more ease (more like 6-6.5" of ease, rather than the recommended 2-5")
  • Needles: US 3 for the body, and I actually sized up to US 4 for the sleeves, since my small circumference knitting tends to be tighter. And it worked well! I will do this from now on. US 2 for the neckline i-cord bind-off.
  • Specifics/modifications: I added maybe 3" to the body length, and it's not long on me. I do have a long torso. I omitted the body shaping, since I knit it with more ease. I also played around with various techniques for the i-cord neckline and ultimately, I chose to pick up stitches from the WS, whereas the pattern recommends picking them up from the RS. I think I also added length to the sleeve, so they are closer to bracelet length sleeves, rather than three-quarter sleeves.

And I do have some yarn I've been eyeing for a second version, but I think I'll take some time to knit cozier, wintery knits for the next few months before considering that!

Here's to a new year, but also a continuing on of life. Freshness, but also familiarity, a bit like the balance of knitting itself. You can change yarn and needles and patterns, but the rhythm is the same. On that note, it sounds like it's a good time for a new knitting project!


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