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Progress toward creative goals, late summer 2017

I thought I'd touch base on what I've been up to lately, creatively. I've actually been making a lot of things, many of which I haven't shared yet, since they were or are going to be gifts, and I wanted to share them only after the intended recipient received them. Lately, its been a healthy mix of sewing and knitting. Sewing tends to come in furious bursts, since it requires hauling out the sewing machine and taking over the kitchen table. I've noticed that I generally sew things in multiples (multiple pillow covers, multiple pouches, etc) once I get into a rhythm and enjoy myself. And knitting is, of course, a continuous undertone, week in and week out.


Recently completed projects:

  • several zippered pouches, most of which you've seen on the blog, but a few you haven't
  • a baby blanket for a friend's baby girl

Planning for future projects:



  • May cardigan―done and blocked, except for some seaming and picking up and knitting a few rows of ribbing at the arm holes.
  • Brioche scarf―I have about a foot and a half left of knitting, which in scarfland isn't that much! I'm still really enjoying this pattern, and I tend to work on it here and there, when I'm in the mood.
  • Socks for Nicholas―a new project, but I've been planning this one for awhile. I so enjoyed knitting self-patterning socks for myself, plus Nicholas wears his knitted slipper socks all the time and has been asking for another pair. I'm more than happy to oblige.

Planning for future projects:

  • Glacier Park Cowl―I'm about to cast this on. Nicholas bought me the yarn (oh-so-special Woolfolk yarn in two shades of blue!) as an early birthday present, and I bought the pattern on sale. My friend Molly is going to make it at the same time and I'm so excited! Just waiting until I have a few days off of work to get started.
  • Christmas and gift knitting, mostly
  • Maybe Bobbie ― I love this pattern and I've been itching for a lighter-weight stockinette stitch pattern. Plus, stripes.

And I'd say that's plenty for now! What are you working on?


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