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Our new normal

This move brought lots of change.  Beyond the natural geographic change with a move, I left my nursing job and Nicholas started a new job.  When I didn't find a job before moving, at first it made me anxious, but especially now, I'm so thankful for this natural break before I start another job.

Since we've been married, I've noticed more task-oriented behavior in myself.  A large portion of this is attributed to the nature of marriage—sharing household duties, making meals for us, etc. (And I truly enjoy most of these tasks!). But occasionally, I see myself slipping into an inability to enjoy subtle, non-task oriented things in our marriage.  Nicholas is really good at noticing this, and encouraging me to just relax. "We'll clean together," or "the dishes and laundry can wait." More and more, I'm realizing I have a gem of a husband.

So.  This next period of time for me is an extended version of the above conversation.  My schedule is entirely different than before.  Yet, I don't want my days off to dwindle while I fret about not working. As always, moderation and balance are key, so a good portion of my days are, and will continue to be, filled with necessary tasks. But I'm trying to remember to fill my days with fulfilling and/or fun activities.  Today, I made a list of some of my favorites:

  • Daily time in my Bible, devotionals, and journal
  • Knit(!)—I've been feeling out of sorts without it. I just started and finished a little project, and it's so good to be back.
  • Choose fabric and sew covers for decorative toss pillows
  • Exercising/stretching—getting outside despite the heat not only for more formal exercise, but also fun activities. We went kayaking this past Saturday on Lady Bird Lake and it was so fun!
  • Eating well for all three meals—why not take advantage of the luxury of my own kitchen? Also, drink more water every day than ever before.
  • Yet...make a few more fun (and mostly more wholesome) desserts

And if I'm tempted to become discouraged or restless during this time, these are some spot-on words (all courtesy of John Piper's devotional from May 26 and May 28) for my heart:

May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy. Colossians 1.11 Patience is the evidence of an inner strength. Impatient people are weak, and therefore dependent on external supports—like schedules that go just right and circumstances that support their fragile hearts. [...] For the Christian, this strength comes from God. That is why Paul is praying for the Colossians. He is asking God to empower them for the patient endurance that the Christian life requires.

A few scenes from life lately ::

The beginnings of a tiny (but satisfying) knitting project ^^

Fabric to make a pillow for the orange chair :) ^^

These water bottles are the best at keeping water cold (even in a hot car in Texas!!) My brother bought one for each of us for Christmas and now they're all we ever use.

And then this (below) is exactly what I need to hear.  My life is nestled in the midst of "unplanned pace" right now.

Faith in future grace: The sovereign grace of God to turn the unplanned place and the unplanned pace into the happiest ending imaginable. John Piper

My prayer is that the Lord would strengthen me with power (and patience) according to HIS glorious might. That I would be patient and see the blessing in this time off.  That I would savor Him more than ever before during this interim time.


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