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On our table lately

Figuring out the balance of our kitchen has taken time. From our first week together as newlyweds until now, we've tweaked and adjusted and budgeted, all in hopes of making the kitchen a place where I can make enjoyable and nutritious food for us. We've made some dietary changes, which alters everything in our kitchen, really—the food in the fridge, the food in the pantry, and the appearance of our grocery list. The reality (that we've wholeheartedly accepted at this point) is that our grocery bills are higher because of the way we eat. I've always loathed wasting things, and when it comes to food waste, not only is it foolish to waste food, but it's expensive! As we're trying to reduce what we have in our fridge and our pantry over the next few weeks, I'm trying to be especially creative, trying new (or new-to-us) combinations.

Amidst the flurry of organizing and sorting and packing, I've taking quick iPhone photos of our meals lately.

In particular, we've been on a bit of a taco kick—and tacos for us mean grass-fed beef, some kind of tortilla (depends on the week), veggies, and cheese (for Nicholas). I love that taco leftovers can be "remixed" any number of ways.

Tonight, we had taco leftovers to use up, and there wasn't quite enough meat for both of us to use, so this was my supper. Luckily for me, I wanted the adventure of a "new" taco combination:

Leftover Tacos

  • oven roasted sweet potatoes (all the time, with everything!)
  • scrambled eggs (one per taco; + salt and pepper)
  • tomatoes, chopped
  • black beans, warmed
  • shredded red cabbage (I prepared it like Sheena did in this post)

Earlier this week, we had these dairy-free, grain-free pancakes* for breakfast (one of our favorites!) Plus, anytime of day is the right time of day for breakfast food.

And.....if you were wondering just how hectic our apartment is these days....here's a little glimpse^^. But oh, we're getting so much more organized, and I'm loving that.

We've felt so much communal excitement about our move—thank you all for that! And we've continued to feel blessed by the One who's holding us. I love this:

No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God. Romans 4:20

*it's probably obvious that we do eat both dairy and grains, however, we like a good gluten-free pancake, and we think these are yummy, plus I usually have coconut flour and coconut milk on hand :)


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