On a Saturday

Happy Weekend! I loved having several days off in a row, it was like a mini-vacation of sorts.

There was Trader Joe's shopping and flower-buying:

pattern- and fabric-cutting (for the dress I'm sewing)

And this morning, there was big breakfast-making and farmers's market shopping (yay for local eggs and kombucha!)

Now that I'm winding down to take my pre-work afternoon nap soon, I'm knitting, magazine-reading, and water-drinking:

None of this has eternal significance, but I thought I'd pop in and say "hi," before I disappear from society for a few days (and, I did promise I would write three posts this week ;) Have a happy rest of the weekend!

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Life has been a swirl of joyful visitors for us! It's been wonderful, and all our visitors are the best kind—low-key and they make your heart glad. All that said, having people in town does upset our routine a bit (routines can do with a bit of upsetting from time to time, though). Today is for catching-up, tidying, writing this post, reading, and knitting, as a bit of downtime.

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