Newborn & family photos

My dear friend, Molly, of Molly Kate Photography came over to meet Finn and offered to do an impromptu newborn session the other day. As Molly took photos of Finn, she offered to get some photos of the rest of our little family too, spontaneously. I hesitated at first, since we didn't do any prep, per se for having our photos taken.

I didn't do my makeup beyond the minimum, and I wasn't wearing a curated outfit by any means. Cooper is eating a Larabar in a few of the photos, and he has dirt on his knees from playing outside, and Nicholas would've worn a different outfit (not shorts). BUT. I love them all the more, really, for the way Molly has captured us at a moment in time. A moment of us wearing regular clothes for the day, Cooper just inside after playing in the yard, having an afternoon snack. A real moment of us being together as family in our home, exactly as we are these days.

And Molly managed to capture the joy in these impromptu photos, the joy and real life of having a newborn, the joy of Cooper holding and giving kisses to his little brother, the love Nicholas has for Finn, and of course, all the squishy wonder of our sweet tiny new boy.

Oh, and Cooper's ever-famous "side eyes," of course!

Thank you, Molly. I will treasure these photos.

You can find more of Molly's work on her business Instagram here and her Facebook here. She is currently located in the Austin, TX area, but also frequents Northwest Indiana, since she has family here (yay for us)!


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