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Moving into a new home

Well, hello!

This week is a flurry of signing the lease to our new (two-bedroom) apartment, getting our keys, cleaning, and shuffling boxes from my in-law's home and the storage unit with Nicholas every evening. It's been exhausting, but oh-so-exciting to see our new space begin to come together.

We are still staying with my in-laws (thank you!) as that allows for a gradual move-in process, and we won't be able to move larger items of furniture, like our bed, until Saturday when we have use of a moving truck. I just keep telling myself that if we open the boxes one-by-one, eventually everything will be unpacked. ;)

On a different note, my dear friend Molly came to visit her family this past week and I snuck in some precious time with her on Monday. We had smoothies and coffee, and I got to hold her sweet baby girl and catch up about life and so many things. The distance is hard, but visits like this are extra special and so cherished.

Apart from all of that, spring has sprung, with apple tree blossoms and tulips blooming and green grass, and our first time playing yard games over the weekend (yay)! There have been so many walks and a few trips for iced decaf lattes, and I've just enjoyed driving around town, learning road names, and feeling a little excited when I can drive someplace without a gps. And of course, there is usually a dog on my shrinking lap as often as these puppies can manage.

Once we get some furniture moved in, I'll take some more photos of our new place, but in the meanwhile, know we are doing well (including Baby Boy, at 34 weeks)! We moved in some baby items last night and also assembled his crib and his stroller. And today, I ordered some more cloth diapering items and the remaining items off our registries. His arrival feels like it's just around the corner! We're so excited to meet him (but not just yet, baby boy).


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