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Mother's day knitted gifts

I've been knitting on multiple surprise gift knits in recent weeks, so I haven't mentioned them here or on my instagram. However, I gave two finished objects of note to my mom and my MIL for Mother's Day, so now I can share them here.

Raspberry socks

Dubbed as such by my mom upon receipt. ;)  They are her colors, and the minute I saw this yarn, I wanted to knit something for her with it. She wears handknit socks all the time and sends me photos of them, so of course, I will happily continue to knit her socks.


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: LegacyFiberArtz yarn in a sock set called Sadie Hawkins, since sold out

Size: 56 stitches, for approximately a women's medium

Pattern: just my vanilla sock recipe, I include numbers on my ravelry page

Needles: US 1, which is not my usual sock needle. I do like the fabric it creates, however, so I decided to give it another go, and I'm pleased.

Specifics/modifications: I've included all the numbers and details on my ravelry page, but basically, these are vanilla socks. I always use gusset shaping with decreases every three rows (rather than the more standard every other) when I knit for myself or for someone who I know has high arches. I think the fit is far better and that little bit of extra fabric causes less pull over the widest part of the foot.

Charcoal align mitts

This is the fourth pair of these fingerless mitts that I've made; they really do fit so well. My MIL mentioned she'd like a pair, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make them for her. I find they are a nice length (not so long that they interfere with sleeves) and they hug the hand nicely.


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Stress Knits favorite base in the colorway etching

Size: one size

Pattern: Align mitts by Courtney Spainhower

Needles: US 2 dpns

Specifics/modifications: Sized down needles, per usual. I also knit the hand an inch shorter than the pattern specifies, to avoid making the hand way too long. Here are the other pairs I've made (with notes) : first, second, and third align mitts. I'm not afraid to knit the same pattern over and over again, especially one this good.

I'll write a more comprehensive creative update post very soon! :) I've been doing lots of knitting and planning.


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