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Most useful reusables

I prefer reusable products whenever possible for practicality, for thriftiness, and for good stewardship. I want to continually work toward a less disposable lifestyle. Buy less, and use what we own better. Ideally, reusable products should also be convenient. If reusable products aren't easily integrated into our routines, they are set aside along with other imprudent purchases. It's a simple equation, if (reusable) products are:

easy to integrate + cost-effective = fewer purchases and less waste

In light of being good stewards, in general, I thought I'd highlight some of what we've found to be the most useful reusable products. This is a condensed list of products that can be used time and again (not altogether inconveniently), instead of their disposable counterparts:

Water bottles: Hydroflask are our absolute favorite (if you read this blog, you probably already know that).

Bee's Wrap: I've written about this alternative to plastic wrap before, and I can't say enough good things about it. It's used to cover food or wrap up sandwiches. I haven't tested to see if it absorbs strong odors (like onion, garlic, etc.), but personally, I use it primarily with sweet- or neutral-odor foods. I have a pack of three (in three sizes) and I use them multiple times every week.

Glass food containers: I have two sets—one by Pyrex and one by Anchor Hocking, and I'm fond of both. These are indispensable in our kitchen for storing leftovers and for packing lunches. With the two sets we own (and only two people in our household), at any given time, they could all be in use!

Reusable shopping bags (knit, canvas, fabric): In 2013, Austin introduced a "single-use bag ban" (with variable reported outcomes for actual waste reduction). That being said, when we moved to Austin, the ban helped perpetuate good habits for me. Whenever I shop, I bring the bags with me. If for nothing else, I'm not personally creating any waste with plastic bags and I don't have to spend time bringing the single-use plastic bags to one of few facilities that actually recycles them. Plus, I'm always fond of a little extra brightness in my day.

Reusable metal filter for coffee brewing: specifically, a filter for our our Aeropress. Nicholas gave me this as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. Rather than buying/throwing away disposable filters, we bought this and it works beautifully.

What are your favorite go-to, easy-to-use reusable items?


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