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May making & planning

When I finish a fun, challenging, but accomplished project, it's a bit like finishing a good book. Coming to the end brings bittersweet feelings—excitement for the completion and sadness that the enjoyable process is done. After I finished my Lila sweater, I felt a bit creatively tapped. I truly love the process of making it, and I loved the accountability and encouragement the knit-along (KAL) brought, but I wasn't sure what kind of project I wanted to make next. In these seasons, I alternate between eagerness to start a new project without either the time or the proper planning and forethought, and reluctance to start anything. But I feel like that "stuck" season is wrapping up.

As with any handmade item, there are unknown factors that influence the final product (and sometimes make for happy surprises!) I'm just trying to find a blend between careful making and carefree making. To review a few recent projects:

Linen pillowcase

Not only do I love to wear linen (usually in knit-form like this), but I love the idea of a few well-placed, well-used, and well-loved linen household items. To experiment, I bought a small amount of natural-colored linen (about 1.5 yards) and made a selvedge-edge linen pillowcase with french seams following this tutorial on 3191 Miles Apart. This first one was a trial of sorts, but after the success of this first pillowcase, I plan to make four more. And I just love that comfy, rumpled look, and I'm excited to see how the linen softens even more over time.

Ella's baby booties

Congratulations, Brendan and Erin! Now that our friends' sweet little girl arrived, I can show these to you. I used this pattern, Cascade 220 Superwash (because baby things should be washable), and finished them with little black buttons.

Nick Cowl

This is still a work-in-progress. I got a little lost in an island of stockinette stitch (maybe it wasn't the best choice right after Lila?) but after adding the stripe with some leftover Madeline tosh, I'm excited again. And I think I will get a lot of wear out of this. If you're curious, there are more details on my Revelry page.

Knitting on our porch in the cool mornings is now my favorite thing ever.

Planning future projects

I've caught the sewing bug again! I have a few projects I'm thinking about, considering my beginner sewing skills and functionality/wearability in my wardrobe:

And of course, there are always knitting projects in my mental queue, too. I'm thinking a cardigan should happen soon:

What are you working on lately? Do you notice that the weather influences your crafting/creating habits?


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