Little baby in a big city

Last weekend, a friend of ours from Texas was visiting Chicago, and we drove to the city on Sunday to spend time with him. Trips out and about are feeling less daunting, the older Cooper gets. And this past Sunday was no different. We had a wonderful time and having him with us made the day feel even more fun.

We parked our car in Lincoln Park and walked to meet up with our friend, and then strolled around the neighborhood, admiring the homes and the tree-lined streets, and stopping for pizza at Homeslice (it was good). Nicholas wore Cooper in our baby carrier, which we have since come to love and use all the time, especially now that Cooper is a little bigger. He was wide-eyed, taking in all there was to see, before getting a long nap on Nicholas.

After a late lunch, I grabbed some coffee while the guys talked, and then we walked to Lincoln Park itself, down to the lake. It was already sweater weather, and of course it felt colder by the lake, thanks to the wind. Cooper got to see another side of Lake Michigan (different than his first beach trip). Have I mentioned just how much I love the Great Lakes?? In all the seasons.

We walked back towards the car and parted ways with our friend, and then Nicholas snapped a few quick photos of me wearing my recently completed Vertices Unite shawl. Then we headed home, a sleeping baby in the back, knitting in my lap, podcast playing, and my sweetheart in the driver's seat.

It was a good day made even better by the company of our little guy.


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