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Life Lately, mid-June 2020

After an extended break from writing, it feels more natural to ease back into it with a list-based post. I've missed writing! And for the time being, as always, I feel most qualified to write about what I know about, and that's our little life.  Here are bits and pieces of just that:

Blue skies and fluffy clouds. Summer (weather) is here! Lots of warm days and beautiful weather. A certain little someone adores being outside, so we're maintaining a two-walks-a-day (or more) routine. Noticing flowers on walks, too. Daisies and wild roses.

Seeing the father-son bond between my two favorite guys grow by the day.

Taking stock of some children's books we own and making lists of ones I'd like to add to our collection.

Opening the windows nearly every day for hours and the wonderful freshness that only fresh air brings.

I'm wearing headbands more often, specifically rotating between two that my SIL, Katelyn, made for me several years ago.

Cooper is one! More on that in a special upcoming birthday post. We're not through with all the birthday festivities just yet, but I will write all about it. He is busy. Exploring everything and cruising along furniture. Talking more each day, and bringing so much joy to our hearts.

I went to a Board and Brush class with my MIL (it was a gift for Mother's Day last year!) we were the only ones in the class and we wore masks. Such a fun afternoon! I loved how our projects turned out. Mine is now hanging in our living room.

Dreaming about what we'd like for a future home, in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future.

Giving Cooper sink baths after meals because when you're one, eating is messy (and that's okay!) Also, water of every kind is fun (see below).

Baking sourdough, usually once a week, or once every other week. I still have a lot to learn, but the loaves have all tasted good.

In the kitchen, we're eating next to no dairy (me and Cooper) for the time being, so I'm getting reacquainted with coconut oil and ghee, and other wonderful dairy-free fats. Still focusing on easy-prep and easy clean up meals (always) but after several months of a more carb-heavy diet, we're ready for more balance. For us, that means more protein and veggies, with lots of nutrient dense fats. I'll still be baking, but opting for more grain-free recipes that are good for Cooper, too.

And I'm making an effort to read, learn, reflect, and be more aware. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote on Instagram a little while back:

Feeling heartache and my need to repent, to admit that my silence in the face of injustice causes harm. When I took this photo of my feet next to my tomato plant, all I could think is "what a privileged life these feet have walked." So privileged in my unawareness. An excerpt from @shereadstruth "A prayer of confession and repentance": "Search us, O Lord. Root out the sin in us that causes You grief and others harm. Grant us a godly grief that leads to repentance, and lead us in the life-giving way of Jesus. Help us to hate evil and love good. Teach us to stand with people of color in establishing justice at the gates of our cities, the doors of our homes, and the words of our lips. Lord, hear our prayer." [...] Confessing my hardheartedness in the past and my ignorance now. Praying for eyes to see His children as their Creator does, created in His image, beautiful and whole, named and unique. And as I read and educate myself and LISTEN, and learn how to better advocate for POC, I will trust that our God, a God of justice and righteousness, can change hearts, including my own. Praising Him for the work of Jesus and that regardless of how dark days feel, the hope of the gospel and the miraculous work of the Cross doesn't waver or fade.

I want to learn more about Be the Bridge.

Knitting tiny baby socks in celebration of a friend's sweet baby on the way and celebrating all the promise in a new little life.

There are other little things in my life lately too, like lots of chats with friends over Marco Polo, reading Risen Motherhood in a mini, two-person book club with a dear friend, seeing Nicholas' family on most Sundays, working on a test knit for the first time, the excitement of setting up a new bullet journal, trips to the grocery store and post office while Cooper naps (and N works from home), etc. Praying for my heart to be soft and awake and bent towards Jesus through it all.


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