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Life lately, June 2023

It's been awhile since my last little "life catchup," so I decided to fill in with how we've been filling our days. Summer weather is definitely here, but in the best way. A few really hot days aside, we've had so many beautiful days in the low to mid-seventies, and we've just really been trying to maximize time outside, together. Here are a few things we've been up to the last few weeks:

Spending Memorial Day with dear friends. We grilled and ate dinner on their three-season porch. The kids played for hours in the backyard, ate popsicles, dipped in a kiddie pool, and we stayed out late (for us). It was so much fun.

We celebrated my FIL's birthday! Went over to their house for lunch outside, some rounds of cornhole and HORSE, playing with the littlr boys, and cake and coffee. Happy birthday, Bob!

We went on a Saturday morning family bike ride on a new-to-us local bike trail. It was great! Lots of shade and we went just over eleven miles. The boys did great in the bike trailer, and Finn took a nap for the last few miles.

Our backyard lilac bushes bloomed, and with the windows open, you could smell them on the other side of the house. Such a quintessential early summer scent.

We've been enjoying little summery outings, like trips to the library, and walks to get smoothies downtown. Can't wait for the farmer's market to open, and actually, it did today, but we didn't make it. We've also gone for hikes with friends and my SIL, Katelyn. And we tried out a new coffee shop that just opened.

I cannot even begin to say how much we've enjoyed our patio table and chairs that we bought back in March. Last summer and the summer before, we didn't have any patio furniture. What a difference it makes. We eat out there as much as possible on the weekends, and on nice days when Nicholas is working from home, he'll work at the table. With meals outside, cleanup is a breeze, and something about being outside makes it feel unhurried.

Cooper has been having a blast with the swings in the backyard, scootering, playing all sorts of imaginary games (the playset is a train, or there is nearly always lava somewhere to avoid, hurry mama!) Finn has gotten used to the grass on his barefeet and he wanders around after us, usually laughing or holding an empty watering can, trying to climb up the slide, or getting sprayed with the hose by his big brother.

I've been knitting a lot on socks! It is Summer Sock Camp, after all. And since they are small and very portable, I find time all throughout the day to knit a few stitches here and there. Knitting outside on a breezy day is my very favorite, though.

I recently placed an order from Primally Pure. And this spray has been so nice! So far, I use it for a little cooling mist, a refresher, or if I'm feeling a little frazzled. I've also been trying their gua sha stone and dry shampoo and I've loved their charcoal deodorant for over a year.

My houseplants (at least the ones in the kitchen) have been flourishing. Lots of new growth, so that is exciting to see. And between the green and the morning light, I love looking for little pockets of joy in our home.

And seeing as I haven't written anything about our garden yet, I will say: we do have one! I'll write a post soon about everything, but we are still using and enjoying our raised beds we set up last year. I'm focusing a little more on annual flowers this year, but I also planted tomatoes (for salsa), cucumbers, dahlias, some herbs, a potted strawberry plant, and I need to replant the zucchini that failed to sprout, since I think the seeds were too old. It's been going well overall!

And beyond those things, life has been lots of snuggling boys, and playing "wild mans" with daddy, and getting our AC repaired and lots of very regular life things. Cooper's birthday is quickly approaching, as is the anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing, so this month has some bittersweet days ahead as well.

I'll share a bit more about some of the days, coming up. Until then, I hope you're enjoying the weather where you live. :)


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