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Life lately, July 2022

It's been months since my last "life lately" post. As with any season in life, each day brings a mixture of good and hard. I mention the hard things here sometimes, but I really want to share the joy of our quiet life and many days spent at home with littles, as well. In that theme, here are a few of the highlights from the last several weeks:

A trip to the Shedd Aquarium, just the four of us. It was an exhausting day, but also a fun one. Cooper loved it, especially getting to touch starfish and watching the dolphin show.

Lots of park and backyard playdates with friends.

Weekly sourdough baking and lots of zucchini bread (some to freeze) using zucchini from our garden.

A dinner out at a local restaurant, and an excuse to dress up a little bit, laundry basket and dishes on the nightstand, because this is real life. Nicholas and my FIL aren't pictured, but they were also present.

Hydrangeas in bloom and coffee in the backyard.

So much baby-wearing, so many contact naps (I love keeping him close and he loves it too, so it's a win-win).

Hours of Lego play every day (and play with puzzles and his tiles and anything building- or assembly-related). Sneaking in a few rows on small, mindless knitting projects, too.

Walks with daddy and playing in the field behind our house.

Wearing my hair in a clip, finally, since I'm always late to the trends (and also, I haven't done this since I was twelve, maybe?)

Visiting the neighbors' chickens. Coop fed them lettuce from their garden! So fun.

Fika, on the official fika tray with decaf coffee and homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls.

Girl's nights on a friend's porch, homemade brownies, twinkly lights, and passing around a smiley baby for cuddles.

Smoothie dates, always. And trips to our town's downtown.

So many gummy baby smiles. We marvel daily at how happy and content Finn is. What a sweetheart.

More Legos and baby-wearing and sock-knitting.

We got a new coffee maker! We still love the Palmpress and French press, but this makes a consistently good cup of coffee and it's just, well, easier with two little boys, plus it makes great coffee. Oh, and Cooper learned how to say, "Cheers" (one of my favorite things ever).

I found this quote that I used to have on a bulletin board. Timely as ever.

Noticing the summer light in our home. I love how the light changes with the seasons.

Little Mr. Bright Eyes.

Being an onlooker to a conversation between Nicholas and Finn (Finn is so vocal)

All the sleeping baby poses.

And it's been daisy season at my in-law's.

There's more to life than what I share here, but without fail, there is evidence of God's faithfulness in every single day.


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