Life lately, early summer 2018

My last several blog posts have been about our recent trip, so it has been about a month since I've written about our day-to-day life. I want to write about trips and big heart lessons, anniversaries and birthdays and life changes, but I also I want to record and remember these days of little things.  They are worthy, too.

Here are some things, in the format of a little list-type post, about small things I love, that reflect my life, right now, on June 3, 2018. The things I've been up to since we've been home from our trip:

  • noticing the corn is already so! big!
  • sewing buttons on a knit baby sweater
  • preparing the exact same breakfast we (happily) eat at least three hundred days a year (baked PB oatmeal, of course)
  • eating homemade challah bread with butter that a friend brought over for us
  • playing in the grass, getting sweet baby kisses
  • drinking smoothies
  • slowly reading Chasing Slow. The perfect read for me right now.
  • making trips to the post office
  • wearing new scrubs to work
  • watching knitting podcasts
  • vacuuming our Subaru, vacuuming our home
  • hand-winding new (sweater!) yarn slowly
  • loving my lighter hair
  • noticing morning light patterning above a messy bed
  • meal-planning for the first time in months
  • baking post-dinner gluten-free Texas Sheet cake (I love that this make a much smaller cake, because it is indulgent. I just subbed in all-purpose gluten-free flour and added a 1/2 tsp cinnamon, just like my mom's recipe)
  • celebrating two girlfriends' birthdays with dinner downtown
  • ordering a bowl meal (my fave) at a new-to-me restaurant
  • walking in 98 ("feels like 110") degree heat
  • drinking grape juice in stemmed glasses with ice, after said walk
  • photographing sunsets after hard days (my hypothesis stands true so far)
  • folding omelettes, for lunch or supper, and filling them with mozz or tomatoes (mine) or sausage or gruyere or ham
  • brewing decaf coffee in the afternoons and evenings
  • knitting a rather meditative shawl pattern, a Milena shawl
  • making these chicken fajitas with this cilantro lime rice, served with sauteed onions and avocado on warm corn tortillas
  • not taking my usual number of pictures
  • brainstorming which three knitting/sewing patterns I want to choose for the 2018 Summer of Basics challenge
  • listening to Emily Freeman's podcast, The Next Right Thing
  • savoring this quote by Brennan Manning:
“In the act of silence you’re not waiting for God to make a move. You’re becoming aware of the moves He is making.

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