Lately: What I'm loving right now

Simple, protein- and veggie-focused meals.

My coworkers. I'm incredibly thankful for the team I work with at the hospital.

Watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Nicholas kept looking over and asking, "Why are you smiling so big?" I know every single line. Totally indulging in nostalgia and loving it.

Breakfast and chai tea on the patio at The Steeping Room with a friend in perfect weather (67 degrees, sunny, breezy).

Green apples* and peanut butter for an afternoon snack.

*turns out, we eat far more apples now that we own a $5 apple slicer from the grocery store.

Seeing all the #memademay posts on instagram. Incredible.

Tulips from Trader Joe's.

Trying to spend less on coffee, and buying coffee that has cute packaging (I'm just hoping it will taste good!)

Sunscreen that I actually want to wear. It's shimmery! I just wear a light powder over it, add some eyeliner and mascara and I'm good to go.

I basically live in these pants (I have the a pair in olive green that were a Christmas gift)

Tea tree oil foot soak

The Hungry Squared podcast

Qalo rings for both Nicholas and I. His for comfort and mine for work.

Planning for a visit from Nicholas' family next week!

Slow stitching here and there.

Texting my mom about quilting and fabric choices.

Sheep and dala horse enamel pins ( I just couldn't resist)

this (newly released) sweater pattern (in that yarn and in that color!)

The blog, Cloistered away, specifically this post about bedtime routines: Nurturing the whole self | Evening rituals and sleep really has me convicted. I really agree with this sentiment:

Morning rituals seem more easily formed for me than evening ones. In the morning, the choice feels somehow simpler: when and how to begin? I’ve always been a good beginner of things, and perhaps beginning my day contains the same sort of optimism and possibility as beginning anything else. Evening routines, on the other hand, require a different sort of attentiveness and discipline. These practices acknowledge that rest is as valuable as work and play.

(Also) this post about slow renovation of home and heart

And lastly, because I'm about to alienate myself...I've been thinking about Christmas a lot ;)

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