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Lately, early July

These past few weeks had a different cadence to them. My work schedule was a bit more sporadic so I ended up with long stretches of time off work (and more time and energy to make things!). Along with that came a wave of feeling overwhelmed, which I talked about a bit in this post. Since then, I've finished three projects(!) It goes to show that things get completed when I'm intentional. And honestly, I'm feeling a lot more refreshed and excited about my current projects, now that there aren't so many of them.  Life, as of late, apart from the usual work, chores, etc. consists of:

The scent of fresh eucalyptus from Trader Joe's.

Finishing slipper socks for my grandma for her birthday. She's already received them, so I can show you. They were so fun and so fast! I have at least another pair planned for when I get a few more projects off the needles.

Finishing the colorwork class I was taking on Craftsy, and subsequently, the class project: a colorwork cowl. I'll take modeled pictures once it dries completely, as it's still damp right now. But I'm pleased! And I learned a ton from the class. I couldn't recommend it enough. (In case you missed it, the class is called Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques).

Fika, with tea and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. This time, I added cinnamon to the cookies for a little extra warmth.

Picking up my 34th and 8th geometric colorwork mittens. I started these a few months back, but stopped because I repeatedly felt frustrated by the yarns twisting and feeling unsure of my skills. I know how to properly hold and carry two colors of yarn now, and I knit about three inches on them today! They are an infinitely more enjoyable (and faster) knit now.

Sewing a double-pointed needle cover for my sock needles (to prevent losing a needle, or any inadvertent poking). The needles slide in, with the project emerging from the side, and two pieces of elastic wrap around the case to secure it. It was a fiddly project, but I'm very pleased with the finished project.

Showing friends/roommates from college around Austin! I'll write a post about this soon, but we had a lovely (hot) fourth of July.

Sewing another zippered project bag. These are so fun to make! And honestly, between these bags and the quilt, I'm feeling much more comfortable behind the sewing machine. I used the Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial by Noodlehead, and this pouch is the medium size.

Knitting with my friend Jessica at an adorable local bakery.

Also, new tinted lip balm ^^ (with sunscreen!!) from W3ll people and it's the best. I have it in "Poppy."

Going out to dinner with friends for a belated birthday celebration. And our cute guys.

Reading Present over Perfect as part of a renewed reading routine.

Hand-stitching the binding on the quilt. Apart from washing the quilt, this is the very last step, and one I'm savoring.


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