(Late) autumn loves

True fall weather is still holding out on us, for the most part. But the fall color is quite nice this year, with leaves in so many shades of gold and yellow and the occasional red. I'm itching to partake in the season (and I've been only somewhat successful in holding off on the Christmas cheer).

So here are the things I'm loving the most right now:

  • cookies, baked a few weeks ago and frozen, to be thawed and warmed and enjoyed for fika
  • candy cane coffee
  • the soy Christmas candles at Target
  • wearing handknit socks and his flannel
  • cardamom lattes with Purdue friends
  • trying to finish as much Christmas shopping as we can before December, so we can enjoy ourselves more
  • Dr. Bronner's Organic castille bar soap in the almond scent
  • little piles of leaves on the ground (most days, the weather still allows for sandals)
  • knitting on a sock for my mom :)
  • spiced banana muffins
  • picking up Hinds Feet on High Places, an allegory I read a few years ago, and would highly recommend
  • a fuzzy navy pillow from the clearance section at Target
  • a little "woolberry" enamel pin
  • re-reading this post I wrote last November about contentment and the discord between the "thankfulness" of November and the "wish lists and gift" focus of December. Its filled with good reminder for me, yet again.
  • enjoying "the nightly tea selection" from the collection my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday. I've tried 11/12 so far! I really love the methodical nature of tea-tasting and recording my thoughts about each one
  • drinking coffee in bed while he reads the news to me

Whatever weather you're having (my Minnesota home has already had two snowfalls!) I hope you're enjoying this season. :)

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