Joy is:

  • snuggling with a sleepy puppy
  • staying in and wearing sweatpants
  • Chemex coffee out of your friend's favorite mug
  • afternoon sunlight
  • planning for a new knitting project
  • unraveling a completed knitted project I never really liked
  • homemade maple-glazed scones
  • discussing the merits of eyebrow pencil
  • FaceTiming with my mom to look at fabrics and plan her next quilt
  • Sunday supper of roasted brussels sprouts and chicken legs
  • enduring friendships
  • realizing answered prayers and insight years later
  • reliving the joys and hardships of the last year, and praising God for all of it

Joy is brimming out of my heart right now.


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Every January, I assemble a blog post of sorts that catalogs our year. Largely organized in list-form, I touch on the big and little things, events and thoughts and experiences that shaped our life over the last year. I do find this incredibly helpful as a sort of reflection, a glance back on the Lord's faithfulness, to show me, time and time again, that He is a good God. And with that mindset, I feel less encumbered as we continue on into the new year, more ready to face a full year of new, fresh days, with the heart attitude that regardless of what the days will hold, mundane or exciting, difficult or good, I can walk into the future with hope and trust in Him. Plus, I do enjoy looking back on a lot of the little details of our life, the ones that make me smile or think, Oh, yes! We loved that! What a little joy in our life.

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