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January weekending

Weekends in January (so far) look like:

Flipping pancakes for a Saturday breakfast. I love making nearly all baked and breakfast goods from scratch, except gluten-free pancakes. So, this Cup4Cup pancake mix is a big win for us. They taste like real pancakes.

Watching hair tutorial videos for how to curl your hair with a straightener. This one helped me (finally) curl my hair with a straightener! I've watched other videos and just ended up with frustration and straight hair. Finding a reasonable method to curl my own hair in less than an hour is something I've wanted to accomplish for like, 10 years. So yay!

Listening to Andrew Belle. Foggy, gloomy days are perfect for his music. And also, it reminds me of my college barista days and my favorite Greyhouse people

Flipping through my newest favorite Scandinavian book and baking the braided cardamom bread from it. The best.

Going to the post office to mail packages to people I love. This is my favorite errand, for some reason. Packaging items up is a bit stressful to me, but then addressing each parcel it to the recipients, driving to the post office, waiting in line, and sending it off with love is enjoyable. Gosh, I'm sappy, but the experience is kinda fun, ya know?

Wearing grey-on-grey-on-grey. Not quite a sweatsuit, but comfy in a (hopefully less) dumpy way. Right?

Simmering crockpot chicken tacos all day

Winding down this evening with Netflix and Nicholas and knitting


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