Happy little November things

November is a funny month. Not quite fall, but not quite winter (in my mind, anyway), and in that way, it feels like an ending and a beginning. The days are getting shorter, especially where we live. And maybe that's a little bit of an excuse to stay in, nice and cozy, nestled in at home. In the space between golden girl fall and Thanksgiving/Christmas, there is a the cool quietness of early November.

Here is what I love about life right now:

  • the juxtaposition of fall and Christmas decor (& these ceramic trees that I just love)
  • Christmas spirit in the diffuser
  • (second) snowfalls
  • cooling zucchini bread on the counter
  • tiny baby hands, always reaching to cup our faces
  • tiny baby feet, making their way into a tiny baby's mouth ;)
  • baby smiles and belly laughs (and five months of Cooper snuggles!)
  • making the bed first thing in the morning (one space that remains tidy during our days)
  • reading books with Cooper, him reaching for the pages
  • the album Where Do We Go From Here by Michigander
  • earl grey tea + a splash of oat milk
  • finally getting a library card
  • knitting on a few Christmas gifts
  • the holiday episodes of The Great British Bake Off
  • making a conscious effort to drink more water
  • sneaking in bible reading on my phone while nursing, or while Cooper naps
  • a baby getting the hang of naps a bit better
  • the coziness of having a shawl draped over my shoulders or around my neck all day, especially my Yeva shawl
  • wearing all the things I've knitted over the last several years — this is huge. Sweaters, socks, scarves, fingerless gloves, hats, etc.
  • pink sunrises greeting me through the blinds in the nursery

And those aren't even all the little, joyful things in life. There are more, all around me, every day, even the hard days. Praying for eyes to see them, but more importantly for eyes to see and know the heart of my Creator better.


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