Gathering and remembering in Ohio

As I mentioned in this recent post, sorrow and joy often intermingle. While my family was visiting recently, we got the news that Nicholas' grandpa passed away.

I remember him so fondly for his uncanny sense of humor, his signature jokes, the way his eyes twinkled, and his love for his large family (including five great-grandsons).

We miss him and we are praising God that he has been promoted to glory in heaven!

We drove out to Ohio for the funeral and a whirlwind trip. We left very early in the morning the day of the service and drove straight there, dressed in our clothes for the funeral. Afterwards, it was so good to see family and share a meal together with all of us. We stayed at Nicholas' cousin and his wife's home with their little boy, who is a bit younger than Cooper. And the three boys had such a wonderful time together – scootering, and eating snacks, and playing in the backyard.

Before breakfast, I stepped outside to see the sunlight and to get a better listen to the birds and feel the crisp morning air. What a sweet, brief trip with family to remember Grandpa Friend's life and to be together.

Thank you, Lord, for the hope of heaven!


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