Full and wonderful days

Happy Memorial day!

We're spending today recovering and catching up from a long (but oh-so-good!) weekend.  Lots of laundry, leftover-eating, meal planning, paperwork-type tasks on the to-do list, and it feels good to have a chance to write something in this space :)

Some snapshots from our week(end)—

Today's lunch : fried eggs (from Grandpa and Grandma DeVries!) + roasted sweet potatoes (leftovers) + guacamole + corn chips. The more I cook, the more enthused I become about leftovers, and how versatile they can be.  We ate so much good food this weekend, but a lot of it fit into the "special occasion food" category, so it will be good to re-calibrate with more veggies and whole foods this week.

Lately, Nicholas and I have been talking a lot about the absolutely essential role of friendships and community in our life.  We've been discussing how frequent community with our closest friends is so vital and encouraging to us, both individually and as a couple.  We talked about it even more when two of our favorite people got married this weekend. It was such a wonderful time—we enjoyed great company, great food, and most importantly, a biblical celebration of the beginning of Fleetwood and Molly's marriage. We're so excited for you both!!

And I was a pretty big fan of the handsome best man ;)

The new Mr. and Mrs. Fleetwood Young IV. We were so blessed to celebrate at your side.

The rest of the weekend was filled with more fun and time with family. I experienced my first real seafood meal—crab and shrimp, with homemade coleslaw, roasted veggies, and french bread.  I'm glad I learned how to eat seafood from the pros! I loved that it's a meal we had to work for. I think when food is process-oriented like that, I enjoy and appreciate it so much more.

Later that evening, we enjoyed sweatshirt weather in the backyard around a fire. What a full and wonderful weekend, indeed.

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