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Favorite things, spring 2018 edition

Sometimes there are little things in my life that I want to share that don't necessarily fit into a larger blog post. And so, that's where these list-y type posts come into play. Plus, I love lists.

Here are some things that I'm loving as of late:

  • Roasting veggies. Can't stop, won't stop.
  • Refreshing my (hair's) roots: once every week or two, add 1-2 T baking soda to a moisturizing shampoo and thoroughly lather in at the roots. Then rinse and condition. Works to remove residue from hard water and hair products and makes my hair feel so clean and bright!
  • In reference to the previous point, feeling like I'm hitting my stride again with my hair.
  • When my mom calls to share her notes from a recent women's conference she went to at church, all about contentment! And that she mailed me a new book to read
  • drinking Big Heart Tea Co's tulsi (holy basil) chai is to die for
  • watching Home Fires and loving the fascinating setting, plus all the British customs like tea and biscuits and putting the kettle on. Plus, it's a tear-jerker, so you know I'm all in. (P.S.:I read the title as "home fries" for a long time before realizing that's not the actual name).
  • watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • staying up til 2:30am (!) with Nicholas, rediscovering and listening to some favorite music from when were were dating and even when we were in high school, à la Yellowcard and All American Rejects, Dashboard Confessional, and I cringe at this label, but other emo(ish) rock. Many of the songs were ones we'd listen to together on the drive from Purdue to his parent's house. And some were songs I listened to when I borrowed his iPod mini, or when I would listen to his favorite music over the summer to try and impress him by knowing the lyrics to songs by his favorite artists.
  • planning for a trip we're taking Mid-May
  • listening to podcasts, specifically, the Lazy Genius Makes Soup and the Lazy Genius Cooks Chicken. We had chicken last night for dinner and soup tonight (not a coincidence).
  • talking with a friend about her first knitting project!
  • not taking pictures of every single thing that happens in my life
  • when you incidentally have the exact (random) ingredients to make a recipe, in the fridge, ready to go
  • oat milk lattes and talks about contentment and loving our current lives, because they're the ones right in front of us.
  • placing an order on amazon for Swedish tracing paper, a new bullet journal, and a Clover hera marker. That's the most fun order I've placed in awhile.
  • double dates to the movies with friends

There. That should do it with maybe-only-interesting-to-me stuff that I really love. And that's truly what matters, right? That I'm the one who's living my life, regardless of others' perceptions of it. You can have a truly lovely life without the world there to see it all.


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