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Decking the hall(s) of our one-bedroom apartment

We enjoy apartment life, for the most part. For now, it works well for us to have a small, essentially maintenance-free home. That said, we still want to keep it cozy but not cluttered when the holidays roll around—partaking in festive decorations without having huge bins of decorations to store. So we keep things simple: a twinkly tree (ornament-free for this life stage), a lit vase with lights and glass ornaments on the kitchen counter, a string of lights on our headboard, a mistletoe pillow cover, and a few snowflakes on the bulletin board.

Amid our Christmas decorating, there was cleaning and listening to Christmas music and snacking on Trader Joe's gluten-free candy cane joe-joe's (they're really good), and drinking tea and working on a logic puzzle and Christmas gift knitting. I'm excited for the next few weeks of coziness and anticipation.


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