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Continue to sing

So much of our days are comprised of routines. The same tasks, the same little daily life things, done around the same time every day. Even as someone who loves routine and the documentation of it, it does feel like there is far less variation from day to day right now. And truly, that is okay, even if it feels odd to me. Some of the sameness is joyful and satisfying, say, for example, my morning cup of coffee. I've been making coffee for us (one cup at a time) in our palmpress. I use beans from a local coffee shop that feel special. I specifically choose a coffee mug for that given day (mug choice is scientific, you know ;) And even if every day's coffee is basically the same, I enjoy it. I never tire of it.

I want to live in a state of mind (and heart) where I can appreciate new and exciting things, and venture beyond our at-home normal (when it is safe, practical, and loving to others to do so), but not at the cost of losing a love for the ordinary, for the typical, for the regular.

I love these words from Abigail Dodds on this post on her instagram (@abigail__dodds):

And we start to feel annoyed by the repetition, wondering if the sameness will wear us out. Thinking that the real solution is that we just need to change things up, get out of this rut. Check the cheap flights, escape this same ol’ same ol’ life. But aren’t we glad that God doesn’t tire of repetition like we do? That each and every morning without fail he serves up fresh mercies to us. That he’s never said, “Oh, I’m sick of sun rises today” or, “Let the created folks take care of the sunset for once” or “I’m bored of tides coming in and going out.” He just keeps taking care of us. Over and over and over. Tonight as you lay your head on your pillow, he isn’t fretting, “I sure hope they don’t keep me up tonight with their incessant prayers!” The God who never sleeps, watches over our souls night after night after night. This God who doesn’t tire of repetition is evergreen in his love. And the more childlike we become, the more trusting and free, the more our appetite for delighting in repetition grows as well. We really can smile and help put the car tracks together again for the 4th time today. Because we really are loved by a God who never tires of pouring his love into our hearts through his Holy Spirit. He is working in us day by day by day, so that we aren’t wearing out with repetition, we’re being shaped and growing new. So today, tomorrow, and the next day, we delight to give thanks over and over again to our Father. We delight to care for the ones who need to eat, again. The ones who need our help, again. And we do it with the joy of knowing we are growing new.

And in light of those words, here are scenes from our daily life, which looks very much the same as it did a few weeks ago. We're still going on walks, I'm still baking, and knitting. Nicholas and I are still playing Animal Crossing or watching movies together. The world around us is greening more every day, and the we're graced with warmer sun on our faces. And no matter what degree of sameness we encounter, we know that our God is good. We've been:

Enamored by the paths of sunlight streaming into interior rooms, making patches on the wall, Cooper discovering his shadow.

Taking unhurried walks with Cooper, pausing to look at each new type of wildflower we see.

Picking out books with daddy at bedtime

Making sourdough brownies (and then insufficiently baking them and not realizing it until later). Consequently, then baking a sour cream vanilla cake from Food52 as a redemption bake (as you do). I opted for a simple glaze topping, as opposed to the cream and berries they suggest.

Letting Cooper explore Nicholas' desk (and all the oh-so-fascinating items on it!)

Loving the sight of Cooper taking little catnaps in the stroller sometimes. Those cheeks.

Knitting a pair of Cyril socks in my current color mood

Trying to switch things up with my quarantine hair ;)

Thrilled by how much time Cooper and I get with Nicholas, since he's working from home right now.

Watching Cooper pull up and stand on everything. He's discovered a whole new world above crawling-eye-level.

Continuing my sourdough activities. Not feeling confident yet, but still feeling committed.

Playing peek-a-boo with Cooper, who will initiate a game with everything and anything. We love it.

Praising Him for the cloudy days...

...and the blue-sky days...

...and the days where I can get by with wearing my chacos.

Because sometimes others day it better, in the words of Charles Spurgeon, "Praise is the rehearsal of our eternal song. By grace we learn to sing, and in glory we continue to sing."


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