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Common mercies

From C.H. Spurgeon:

If we complained less, and praised more, we should be happier, and God would be more glorified . Let us daily praise God for common mercies —common as we frequently call them, and yet so priceless [...] Let us praise God for the eyes with which we behold the sun, for the health and strength to walk abroad, for the bread we eat [...] But beloved, the sweetest and loudest note in our songs of praise should be of redeeming love . God's redeeming act towards his chosen are forever the themes of their praise.

Mercies are common because God is so good.

com - mon, adjective

  1. occurring, found, or done often; prevalent. Synonyms: usual, regular, frequent, recurrent, everyday

A friend and I were talking over coffee about God's provision the other day. Do I believe that God will provide for His children? Yes, usually. Even in the moments when I doubt that, I know in my head and my heart that he will always provide. But, do I believe that He will provide well? And no matter what physical or emotional provisions he offers, can I rest assured that Jesus is all I need? Yes. God's mercies are prevalent, recurrent, frequent, everyday. Not once do we see evidence that His mercies are mediocre attempts at provision, even when they are not what we expect.

I see these mercies in the little things.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time:

Family visiting us in Austin (and more family visiting in a few weeks! We're spoiled. :)

Beautiful fall-like weather here in Austin, and beautiful parks close to home:

Hot cocoa and tea in the afternoon, and wool socks all the time:

Camping out on the floor with a cozy quilt, one of our favorite (visiting) puppies, knitting, and marathon watching of The Office:

Pulling out the bin of Christmas decorations to add some cheer to our home:

& our first Christmas tree! (last year we borrowed one)

And I see common mercies in the biggest thing: His redeeming love for us.

Because He has redeemed us through His sacrifice, it doesn't really matter if we have all those nice comforts of home—the tea, the holiday meals, the quilts, the decorated homes. They are lovely and meant to be enjoyed, and He deserves our glory, because He is the giver of those good things. But what has eternal significance is that we have a Beloved Savior who demonstrates love that is great in both magnitude and frequency. I pray my heart this Christmastime would be overflowing with praise for the steadfastness and the goodness of God.

Psalm 107.8 O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men.

What common mercies are you noticing in your life these days?


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