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Blue skies in February & the first hint of spring

Once I've written a post with little list-y bits and pieces of our life, I can't help but write more posts along the same line. I don't have anything eloquent to say, but here are a few things from this week:

  • Listening to Bruce Cockburn, specifically his Crowing Ignites and Speechless albums
  • I'm always, always, always with a little kitchen helper by my side. Today we made toasty butternut pancakes (a favorite recipe for a very long time!) and superhero muffins. He handed me carrots to put in food processor, cracked eggs (messy, lol), whisked batter, helped me oil muffin pans (with a silicone brush), turned the crank on the nut grinder, and splashed about in soapy water.
  • Sunshine-y walks, outdoor playdates, and the chance to actually talk while the babies played. Despite being adamant about enjoying winter (and I do), the sunshine and temps above freezing the last few days feel life-giving, only in the way that early "spring" does. I know it's not spring yet, for the seasonal purists. ;)
  • A new mirror for the guest room
  • Attaching the sleeves to the body of my Nurtured sweater. I made so many careless errors in this process, none that couldn't be resolved, all of which could have been avoided if I read the pattern more closely.
  • Visiting the fish at Meijer with buddies
  • Wearing tinted lip balm for the first time in forever + a hair day that resulted from wearing my hair in a bun the previous day. And also yarn on the bed behind me because a certain toddler loves playing with it.
  • A family walk, and a heart melting at seeing my boys hold hands
  • Roasting a whole chicken with what very well may be the best roast chicken recipe ever. I could rave about this for days and it was so, so simple. Leftovers were incredible too.
  • A walk today, withe bluest skies. The sidewalks are mostly clear/puddles from snow melting. Cooper loved being back in the stroller after a long hiatus.
  • A finished whole cloth quilted table runner. I'll write more details about it next time I do a creativity check in. And the sweetest bird book, that our whole family enjoys! We try to read about one new bird each week.
  • Using the best hand scrub (basil and cardamom-scented). It smells amazing, and leaves my hands and face so soft.
  • a fun weekend coffee from our favorite local shop
  • the smiliest little boy, who now wants to snuggle more than ever, and who brings his bear with him everywhere, even to the table, if he had his way.

Whatever your week looks like, hopefully it involves some fresh air, good food, and little joyful things sprinkled in. And what joy there is in knowing that spring is coming(!)


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