Baby's first snow

On Halloween, we had cold weather, and then a mixture of rain, then sleet, then snow fell. I love snow more than most, so I was thrilled. And it was so fun to show Cooper! We didn't venture far because the wind was a bit brutal, but we had the coziest day at home.

We had daytime tea and coffee for fika.

I did a little knitting while Cooper napped.

We dressed him in his (adorable) pumpkin outfit from his Aunt Katelyn.

I wore my winter coat for the first time this fall, and immediately felt grateful to have it (it was a Christmas gift from Nicholas last year). The three of us stepped outside in the snow.

We read a picture book together.

I made homemade maple cornbread, baked beans, roasted sweet potatoes, and ham for supper, because #comfortfood and little mister fell asleep on me in the Solly wrap while I made supper.

It was such a good day.


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