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Atmen shawl, finished

Some knitting projects are straightforward and satisfying. And some, like my recently finished Atmen shawl weren't always timely or simple, but are incredibly, maybe even-more-so satisfying.

This project is special and a long time coming. I wanted to knit this pattern when it first came out, in May 2017. But the timing was never right, we lived in Texas (rarely shawl weather), didn't have a clear idea of what yarn to use.

As some point, the designer had a sale, and I purchased the pattern, and set it aside.

And then, my brother, while traveling in Iceland, asked me if I wanted some yarn (of course!) and I chose these colors, thinking I could successfully use this sportweight yarn, rather than the specified DK-weight yarn, after a little planning.

I finally cast it on this March. I set is aside for some gift knitting and a time-sensitive test-knit, and then set it aside again for comfort knitting after we had our miscarriage. But now, it's done. And ever since, it's been wrapped around my shoulders, light-as-a-feather, but oh so warm. Woolen spun yarn is magical to me, lightweight and lofty. This shawl weighs next to nothing and it's still so cozy.

When I see it or wear it, I think of all the little pieces over the years that eventually led to a cozy shawl, newly finished in time for a season of Advent and anticipation. Keeping my shoulders warm while I make breakfast or while I run out to grab the mail, scoop up our toddler, or sit and knit in the evenings.

I know that knitting doesn't need to be a sentimental thing to be enjoyed, but I love that it's sentimental for me. Marking the passing of time, the changing of a life and of circumstances. I hope to wear it for years to come, warming my shoulders and making me smile, reminiscent of all the little pieces that make up the larger pieces of a life. Marked by calender changes and birthdays and seasons, yes, and also by the rhythm and flow of a set of knitting needles.


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Navia Duo in two shades of grey and a red

Size: one size, but modified stitch count and striping sequence to add rows

Pattern: Atmen shawl by Shannon Cook

Needles: US 6, sized down to account for loose gauge and a slightly thinner yarn

Specifics/modifications: The pattern calls for DK-weight yarn, so I choose needles that were smaller, and knit the pattern as written until gradually adding rows to each color stripe to make it larger, overall. I also knit some rows in the final color before knitting the border—rather than switching colors and immediately beginning border stitches. I did not aggressively block the border on the shawl, and I'm fine with a more subtle scalloped edge.


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