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{Articles Club} In Defense of Food: and all who bring it to our tables - Ann Voskamp

Welcome to Articles Club, an online reading community focused on unearthing the art of eating and creating a home. It’s hosted by Andrea DeVries and Abigail Murrish who take turns sharing pertinent articles on their blogs every Monday and asking questions to spur lively and kind conversation. To learn more about Articles Club and the folks behind it, click here and here.

This week, Abby posted a new article and discussion over on her blog. The thought-provoking article, written by Ann Voskamp, made me pause as I turned over the beautiful words of a farmer's wife in my mind. A wonderful read about the close-to-home side of agriculture. It's an article that artfully balances the act of calling readers to honor our farmers, without leaving any readers feeling marginalized. Please take a moment to read the article and Abby's thoughtful discussion questions; I know I'll be delving into the discussion! :)


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