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An ode to our family's first house

I've shared about our recent move, and a bit about our new home, so it felt right to give a bit of tribute to our first house. Rather than show photos of empty rooms, I wanted to share a few of the photos that I took that we used in the listing.

It wasn't our first home, no. There was an apartment in Indiana, then an apartment in Texas, then an apartment in Indiana, and then this house. There was so much life lived in those walls!

  • When we bought the house, we had been married for seven years, when we sold it, we have been married for ten.
  • Cooper was only 16 months old when we moved in, and now he's 4.5 years old
  • It was the home where we grieved the loss of three babies, my mother-in-law, my Grandma Donna, and Nicholas' Grandpa. And it's where we navigated finding joy and healing alongside grief.
  • It was where we found out I was pregnant with Finn, our rainbow baby – and it was where Finn was born!
  • I had my first garden in our own yard. Where I planted dahlias and oh-so-many tomatoes, and where Cooper learned to love to help me in the garden.
  • I attempted so many "firsts" in that kitchen – from canning to learning more about sourdough, to trying homemade marshmallows
  • The neighborhood sidewalks were where we took countless walks, and where Cooper learned how to scooter.
  • We loved (and love!) our neighbors. And we loved the frequent pedestrian foot traffic, with many familiar faces.

I was a wonderful place to call "ours" during some very formative years for our family. What a sweet place it was, a place to grieve, a place of healing, a place to grow. Thank you, God, for this home, our first house.


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