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A (summer) letter to myself

It's been a bit of an odd summer for me. Despite my best intentions, I'm usually crabby in the heat (a born-and-raised Minnesotan, I'll forever be). And here in the hot, hot, humid Texas summer, life feels sticky, stagnant, a tiny bit stuck. I wish the weather didn't affect me so (which is another conversation in and of itself). My spiritual life intermittently feels like that too. As much as I hate to admit it, my circumstances often have the biggest pull on my contentment and my joy.

So I wrote a midsummer letter to myself―a reminder letter to choose to dwell in a different, better kind of "sticking" [it out attitude].

Dear Andrea,

Stick with it: the good bits of routine, like yoga and reading your Bible even when you don't feel like it.

Don't listen to melancholy music when you're on the verge of melancholy moods. Listen to worship music that wakes up your heart.

Call your family more. I know it's extra hard to be away from them right now, because you miss them so much, and it feels like you would be doing so many more activities (outside and in general) if the average temp was uh, 20 to 30 degrees cooler, like it is up north.

Stick with it: keep setting aside time to do things that bring you joy. Make cool drinks for hot days, use that blender for all its worth.

Make hot coffee in the afternoons, in the A/C, with a cardigan on, candle burning, knitting close by. Also, keep knitting away on that laceweight May cardigan. Eventually, you'll finish it, and persistence is a good thing.

Stick with it: indulge in a touch of Christmasy stuff here and there. It brightens your day, and its okay.

Make cookies sometimes, but not too often. Keep them special.

Stick with it: finish hard-for-you projects, like the curved zipper pouch where you re-sewed every seam about 3 times and wanted to throw in the towel. (pattern is Petal Pouch by Noodlehead, found in my Making zine).

Stick with it: knit your sweet husband his slipper socks, even if you have to rip them out and cast on 5 times to get the fit right. He'll feel loved and he'll wear them every day and you like knitting anyway. And you won't regret a minute of it when you see how well they're used and loved. (Pattern is Elgin on Ravelry, with a lot of modifications).

Stick with it: choose wakeful rest, choose to abide in His presence when the heat and distraction and life want to lull you to sleep, away from any sort of intentional life.

Stick with it: plan that anniversary trip, when you're not a planner, and make no plans for when you're there, except to be together.

Admire the quilts at your library's exhibit. Look for beauty in little errands.

Drink plenty of water, it'll help prevent headaches and make you feel better, overall.

Stick with it: journal about ways He's faithful in your life in this sweet (albeit sticky) season.

Re-read these posts that you wrote about 3 years ago. What you're feeling right now is something you've felt before and it didn't last forever. Don't be discouraged when your heart needs cyclical reminders:

Replace those trivial complaints about the weather with praise. Goodness knows there aren't enough breaths in this life to give Him the glory He deserves, so devote a few more of your breaths to that end. Praising Him = good for your heart too.

Praise God for A/C and the myriad of ways He blesses you and you don't even notice.

This longing you feel isn't 100% because of the weather. This is the soul-ache of wanting intimacy with your Creator.

Stick with it: on days when you don't know what to pray or you're tired, pray in time with your breathing, your favorite breath prayer for this (and every other) season. Exhale: less of me. Inhale: more of You.

Revel in things, people, relationships, past times, music, that pull you to Jesus.

You're at your best when you're not 100% comfortable.

Listen to music by artists like Bethany Barnard (formerly Bethany Dillon) who haven't released new music in nearly ten years, but then bless you with her biblical, emotive, heart-resetting lyrics*:

Your praise is an ocean And my troubles are a puddle I'll soon forget my affliction For the joy I know that will soon follow On God alone my soul waits.

Fall will come, and God will be the same amount of faithful that He's always been, for every day of summer, fall, winter, and spring. He's faithful through the seasons. And He loves you.

Don't forget whose you are,


*P.S.―Everyone should read Bethany's post about this song.


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