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A simple market bag

The more I knit, the more my knitting tendencies skew to the practical side of things. Garment-wise, this means mostly neutrals. Because practically, that's what I wear (with a few notable exceptions). But when I knit accessories, I'm love color. One of my favorite non-garment practical knits is the Grrlfriend Market Bag (that name....I know). I've used a modified version of this pattern to knit three now. One was a gift, but the other is in constant rotation for trips to Target and the grocery store. Benefits of this type of knitting project: bright colors, big needles, inexpensive yarn (I use a cotton yarn from JoAnn's), and a super useful, machine-washable finished object.*

My friend Molly and I went to the farmer's market this morning and on our way home, decided to do a little photo shoot, just for fun. After a few hours (or much more) of my time is invested in a project, I think the least it deserves is a little glamour shoot ;)

Other semi-related Saturday happiness:

  • the best post-market lunch: roasted brussels sprouts + summer sausage + rice crackers + tangerine kombucha
  • coffee and baked oatmeal for breakfast
  • happy, squinty-eyed iPhone photos
  • sampling tamales: pork and pineapple, and a Mexican brownie dessert tamale
  • laughing at ourselves as we took photos and Molly almost falling into a ditch
  • a little knitting with a new project
  • allll the sunshine

Happy weekending, friends!

*For details about my modifications, you can visit my Ravelry page.


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