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A goal update & daily life around here

Naturally, a whole bunch of little everyday things are happening over here lately. In particular:

Nicholas surprised me with a Fitbit (this one)! So far, I notice that I'm more conscious about my activity, and just how much it varies from from day to day (thanks, night-shift! ;). It also tracks your sleep, both in duration and quality. Typically, I've considered sleep to be a bit of a time waster—does anyone else feel like that sometimes? However, between the Fitbit and my husband's encouragement, I'm taking more time to sleep. Also, as someone who can use a little extrinsic motivation, I've been having fun with the friend-to-friend challenges!

Disc golfing early in the morning. To beat the hot, hot Texas heat, we met up with some friends for a round at 7am, coffee in hand, and we did our best to dodge the poison ivy ground cover (unsuccessfully—eek!)

Celebrating Nicholas' half-birthday. We don't normally take notice of half-birthdays, but we happened to remember his this year and I was in a baking mood. I made some peanut butter blondies that have chickpeas(?!), peanut butter, maple syrup, chocolate chips, and a few other ingredients (and no flour). They're quite good, and not overly sweet, which we like, but you have to get over the fact that you're eating beans for dessert. If you're in a experimental mood, here's the recipe I used.

Talking about our two-year anniversary coming up in mid-August. It simultaneously feels like we've been married for a long time and for just one second.

Spending time together on the couch after a stretch of night shifts. He's happy to sit next to me. I'm happy that he's next to me (and that I'm in my pjs).

Continuing the She Reads Truth with the Women in the Word: New Testament study. I've found it's been sustainable and incredibly encouraging.

Breakfast food (always) and Mansfield Park. A wonderful way to start the day (especially if my day starts at two- or three-in-the-afternoon when I wake up. :)

Since goals aren't very useful if you make them and then never reflect back on them, I thought I'd give you an (honest) update on my spending/food/social media adjustments:

  • Spending on clothing/accessories: Good! I have not made any purchases, apart from the "approved" work shoes and a brimmed sun hat that I mentioned in the original post. I'm shopping my closet and wearing items that I haven't worn for awhile. By removing the expectation that I can just buy something better, I'm feeling more content with what I own. Also, I do not miss clothing shopping, or the pressure I felt to not miss a good deal that might be lurking at J.Crew or Madewell or Gap. I've yet to come across any "gaps" in my wardrobe, but if I do, I'm still open to addressing them in December, when I "can" resume clothing shopping. Honestly, I'm in no hurry to buy any clothes.
  • Social media: a struggle, ahem. For a time, I was conscientious and careful about my browsing. But without adequate diligence to new habits, old ones creep in. The old habits return with a side of apathy. At times, I blame my rotating schedule and that not browsing before 10 am is difficult when my schedule is never the same. However, the principle is the same: I still spend too much time on social media. I'm going to need to re-focus on maintenance of my browsing habits. Does anyone have some successful tactics for this?
  • Food: Work-in-progress. Overall, I think we're consuming less sugar, but I still crave it, especially after a night-shift. However, I've had fewer I need doughnuts right now moments. In fact, for the first time ever, doughnuts don't sound good to me right now. If I keep writing about them, that might change, so I'll switch subjects. ;) As for cooking, I'm loving our stainless steel cookware set. The surface is somewhat more difficult to clean, but not so much that it deters us from using them daily, of course. The even heat distribution is wonderful, and we're really glad we made the investment.

P.S.—In the vein of intentional everyday activity, I loved this Spurgeon quote:

A lesson to us, if we would do good, to do it ourselves. Give alms with your own hand; a kind look, or word, will enhance the value of the gift. Speak to a friend about his soul; your living appeal will have more influence than a whole library of tracts. [Our Lord] did not only do the good which came close at hand, but he "went about" on his errands of mercy. [...] He sought out the objects of his gracious intentions. So must we. If old plans will not answer, we must try new ones, for fresh experiments sometimes achieve more than regular methods.


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